Undead Space Apes

5,000 apes on a routine mission. Their space ship has crashed and all the apes have been resurrected on the Cronos Blockchain.

Sold Out: 6/22/22

Royalties to holders

4% of all marketplace trading volume will be distributed to holders. 7% Of all lottery volume is also distributed to all holders.

0.00 $CRO


Phase 1

Artist will start drawing the Undead Apes & traits. Start the Website design and smart contract development.

Create a community and social media accounts. Find proper leads and connection for marketing purposes.

Phase 2

Open whitelist & conduct giveaways.

We will start running contests and giveaways on our socials for WL slots. Every person granted a WL spot is granted a FREE MINT. Follow us twitter so you never miss out.

Phase 3

Develop and integrate the lottery smart contract. Any user can enter the lottery for 25 $CRO. Once 5 people have entered the smart contract will choose ONE winner. The winner is charged a 10% tax.

Undead Ape Holders are distributed 70% of all fees collected. Community wallet and team members will receive 30% of all lottery fees.

Phase 4

Start the Public Sale & Lottery system.

Undead Holders will start to receive rewards as users play the lottery and trade on the marketplace. Giveaway 10 Apes to 10 Holders (1each). Giveaway 250 $CRO to 15 APES at 50% minted. 500 $CRO will be airdropped to 20 APES at 100% minted.

Step 5

Community Wallet

Airdrops & Giveaways


Project Lead
PR & Community Lead
0xErcism Labs
Smart Contract, Lottery System, Web3
Social Media
Discord Mod
Business + Community Growth


Where can I buy A Undead Ape?
How many Apes will be released?


What blockchain is the project hosted on?

Cronos Network

How to I purchase Cronos ($CRO)?

Purchase CRO on the crypto.com app or the crypto.com DEFI WALLET. You can swap your CRO to the Cronos CHAIN and withdraw it to your metamask. If you can not register for Crypto.com. You can use the KEPLR wallet and swap ATOM (Cosmos) for CRO (Cosmos). The head over to www.cronos.org/bridge . Select your CRO from your KEPLR Wallet and then bridge to Cronos. Connect or input your metamask wallet and withdraw.

How does the lottery work?

Up to 5 players can enter the lottery by paying 25 $CRO. Once the 5th person has joined, the smart contract will choose 1 Person to win the lottery pot. Winner is charged a 10% tax. 7% will go back to ALL HOLDERS.

What is the mint price?

Each ape costs 50 $CRO.

When are royalties distributed?

50% of all fees collected from marketplaces will be equally distributed to all 5,000 apes. We will distribute rewards once a weeks. 7% of all lottery fees will be auto distributed and can be claimed instantly.